Suzy Sweet Tooth - Prices


Basic Flavors: $12/first dozen, $10/each additional dozen
Specialty Flavors: $14/first dozen, $11/each additional dozen


Basic Flavors: $10/first 2 dozen, $4/each additional dozen
Specialty Flavors: $12/first 2 dozen, $5/each additional dozen

There is a 1 dozen minimum required for regular-sized cupcakes and 2 dozen minimum for minis.

Layer Cakes

Single Layer Cakes: $10 and up
2 or 3 Layer Cakes: $12 and up

Specialty Cakes

Specialty or Shaped Cakes (such as giant cupcake cake, giant donut cake, sandwich cookie cake, etc.): $12 and up
Cheesecakes: $12 and up


All Pies: $10 and up

Cookies & Brownies

Brownie Bites: $10/first dozen, $4/each additional dozen
Bar Cookies and Brownies: $8 and up (price based on 9x13 disposable pan)
Cookies by the dozen: $6 and up

Candies & Other Treats

Chocolate Covered Pretzels: $10/15 pretzels (3 sets of 5)
Candy Bark:  $8/lb or sold in small/large seasonal tins

Please contact me with any questions about pricing or orders at