Wednesday, June 15, 2011

L'eggo My Cupcakes!

I'm glad to be posting something again after such a long hiatus.  I do have some valid excuses, though.  A cruise (great), a wedding (really great), and a lot of working (not great, but necessary).  But now that I'm back, I have a few things to post in the next couple of days.  

It's another cupcake phase, and to start it off we have a Belgian Waffle cupcake.  I think these are just so darn cute.  The cake is a vanilla butter cake made with buttermilk, real maple syrup, and some cinnamon to give it a waffle-like taste.  It's topped with a maple buttercream that also has some pancake house flair, and the cutest part?  The tiny little waffle cookie on top.  It's a buttery vanilla pressed cookie, and I topped it with powdered sugar, just like I like on my waffles.  Would a glass of OJ and one of these pass as breakfast?  You be the judge.


  1. I think my husband would like these for Father's Day. Seriously. And I love your cake stands. Do you sell them? Or will you divulge your source? Ours came by a terrible accident.

  2. You can order some for Father's Day if you'd like! Just email me at These cake stands are from the Martha Stewart line at Macys. But others I have from all over. Sur la Table, Crate & Barrel, Target, Hobby Lobby, and the TAG outlet store back in Chicago.

  3. These are delicious and my husband was pleasantly surprised. We are off the the family party with the others. I know they will be a big hit.

  4. Hi! I was wondering if you would share your recipes? My daughter has completed a milestone in piano, and when they do, the piano studio has a cupcake party - they invite friends and family. The only problem is that her lessons are at 9:00 AM! Belgian Waffles are her absolute favorite, so I thought she would love these cupcakes!
    Thanks for your consideration!