Sunday, August 7, 2011

If you like Pina Coladas...

I know I have had a very long hiatus from posting.  No, I'm not trying to run my life like that of a TV character and disappear from May through August.  I apologize.  But I will make up for it with a few good posts in the next few days.  Let's start with my Pina Colada cupcakes...

I first made these cupcakes in the beginning of June and they seemed to be a pretty big success.  And since I have an order for them next week, I think it's about time to show them off here on my SST blog.  These cupcakes were another flavor inspired by my cruise in May.  They are the best of a Pina Colada with no age restriction and no shame in having them before 5 PM.  

The cake for these is a fluffy coconut pineapple cake.  It has real pineapple juice in it, with coconut flavoring and juicy pineapple bites.  On top of that is a pineapple coconut cream cheese frosting, and topping that is flaked coconut.  And to mimic the real deal, each little cake sports its own brightly colored paper umbrella.  I think they make for a pretty fun summertime (or anytime really!) treat.

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  1. Oh I am going to have to try these, too. I am out of town for a bit. Then I will order these and rootbeer. I have a family function and these are PERFECT!