Friday, February 4, 2011

CocoNilla Cupcakes

My kitchen cohort is named Corinne Orton, but I call her Coco.  She doesn't always like this, but that will not sway me from calling her that.  A few weeks ago 'Coco' made a delicious cupcake that we made again this week on our test kitchen day.  It's a vanilla coconut cupcake.  So what better name is there for it than the CocoNilla cupcake?  She may hate it, but that's what I'll call this 'til the day I die.  For those who don't know, Corinne and I plan to open up a bakery when we're both done with culinary school.  If our dream pans out and we still make and sell this cupcake, I will still call it the CocoNilla.  ...Mainly to bug her.  :)

The cake portion of the cupcake is a recipe that I love of an old-fashioned vanilla butter cake.  But Corinne had the brilliant idea to make it with coconut milk and coconut extract.  The coconut milk makes it so moist and fluffy, and it's just the right combination of sweet and fruity.  The frosting for it is a thick cream cheese frosting with some more coconut and vanilla in it.  And because these CocoNilla cakes are just as ladylike as their namesake, they are all wearing (edible) pearls.

So far these cupcakes have gotten rave reviews.  I love them.  And the smell of these baking makes me want to float away to some private island.  Mmm... Thanks, Coco!


  1. These may have been my favorite to date. And that is saying a lot.

  2. These not only sound really good, but I like the way you wrote this entry. I really liked the combination of personal anecdote along with your usual baking and recipe information.

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  4. Looks awesome! I had a roommate who was in culinary school. My favorite cake she made had three different flavors of mousse between the layers. Something like white chocolate, dark chocolate and something else. Anyway, maybe you could come up with a mousse-y cupcake . . .
    I don't know you; but I know Corinne. Tell her I say hi! And keep baking. What a fun blog!

    --Mitzi Post