Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Sundae

Packers or Steelers?  The more important question may be ice cream or cupcakes?  And the correct answer is: both.  It's Superbowl "Sundae" and I'm celebrating with Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes!

Come on, how cute are these?  It's a rich chocolate cupcake with just a bit of sticky caramel sauce in the center.  On top is a creamy vanilla buttercream.  My mock hot fudge is a semisweet chocolate ganache.  And they are decorated in classic ice cream parlor style with rainbow jimmies and a maraschino cherry on top.  I am going to resist any cherry-on-top puns and just say that they're the sweetest way to enjoy the big game.

Ice Cream Sundae cupcakes are a "specialty cupcake" flavor and are only $14 per dozen and $11 per additional dozen.   Suzy Sweet Tooth pricing is available here.


  1. These were delish, but it was almost a week ago. I know there are some others in the pipe...what about snickerdoodle?

  2. Oh my god these look amazing. I'm using one of these pictures in a post for my blog (not food related) and will link it back here. I'm sure people's mouths will be watering and will want the recipe!