Saturday, February 26, 2011

Half Baked

This last Thursday was a sad day.  It was the last test kitchen day I'll have with Coco for the next year and a half.  She leaves on March 2nd to serve a church mission in Argentina.  So before she deserts me (or desSerts me...  Not funny?  Oh well.), we used our last session together to bake the treat of her choice.  And her choice was Cookie Dough Cupcakes. 


The idea actually came from a lovely woman named Stacy who works with my fiancé at the bank.  It's a vanilla cupcake stuffed with raw cookie dough (egg-free, don't worry), and decorated with mini semi-sweet chocolate chips.  Everyone knows the best part of making chocolate chip cookies is the eating the dough.  And this is the cutest packaging for it I've ever seen.  

The cake is a basic vanilla cake, but they can also be made with chocolate.  In fact, I will be baking a batch of chocolate ones for an order on Sunday.  Yum!  The fun part is their filling-- a dollop of mini chocolate chip cookie dough.  They are frosted with a mock cookie dough frosting, similar to the frosting on the Snickerdoodle cupcake that has been such a hit.  And finally some mini chocolate chips on top as a little preview of the fun inside.  The only downside of this cupcake?  If you give a mouse a Cookie Dough Cupcake, she'll ask for a glass of milk...  

I'll miss you, Coco!  And I'll be sending you recipes as I go!!

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