Saturday, December 18, 2010

Buddy the Elf, What's Your Favorite Cupcake?

Tonight I made some Elf cupcakes for Chad and Bethany's Elf viewing party.  Although they contained no candy canes, candy corns, or syrup, they did have little candy elves on top.  So I think I got one of Buddy's four food groups covered.

The cupcakes were a new recipe I tried.  It's my cinnamon cake batter but with just a dash of Ghiradelli cocoa powder added in.  I thought it would give the cakes some more depth of flavor.  And on top?  A cinnamon cream cheese icing.  And some festive snowflake sprinkles and little Buddy look-a-likes.  Voila, Buddy the Elf cupcakes!

If you would like information about having custom cupcakes catered, please contact me at  Pricing information will be coming soon to the blog.

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